Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you guys, and why should I trust you with my content-driven business?

Hi, I'm Matthew Raymer, owner of ContentSafe as well as Anomalist Design LLC, a company delivering professional software development services since 2007. At Anomalist Design, we build web and back office systems, and are pleased to do business with companies such as Peace of Mind Marketing, EggKids, QPons, Football IQ, and The Symbolic World.

I myself am an avid consumer of podcasts like The Symbolic World; What on Earth Is Happening; The Boiler Room; and Twentieth Century Wire and of video channels such as Jordan Peterson's.

I back up my stuff myself on the cloud for free. What's the difference between that and how you store my content?

You can cloud store and publish for free, yes. ContentSafe automates the publishing process for you–and to offer restoration of content services–all without you having to attend to it yourself. Just upload your content as you normally would do, and we take care of the rest.

What is “Seed Storage”, and how is that different from the cloud storage services I use right now?

Seeding refers to the use of Bittorrent protocol to distribute your content directly to users of bittorrent clients.

How do I access the content you back up for me?

You provide us with the necessary access credentials to an account in your control and we take care of the upload process. In that way, you always have access to your content.

I publish to a few places. Why should I bother having my content on all these other platforms?

As the expression goes, “Better Safe than Sorry”. Many content creators had thought that their distribution platforms were enough but found their materials removed without notice from major platforms.

If your content is only on a few platforms and pages, you are leaving money on the table by not having your video and audio in front of more audiences who want to know about you and your work. These new audiences will be willing to pay you to obtain the services you provide.

What is shadowbanning, and how does it affect my content-driven business?

Shadowbanning is an act which partially or fully blocks a user or their content from use by an online community, making it so that a user will not readily be able to see that they have been blocked.

This makes a user's content invisible or less prominent to other members of the service. The aim might be—there being an absence of reactions to a user's comments—for the blocked user to become disheartened and so leave the forum.

Why should I hire you guys to do what my webmaster does for me right now?

We're certain your webmaster does a super job managing your content, but wouldn’t you rather they spend their time working with your content creation (extracting short clips, video editing, etc.) rather than the time-consuming tasks of account management, file uploading, and watching the online presence of your content?