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We work hard to make sure you don’t lose it.

Your content is important to you and to your followers. We created ContentSafe to make sure that your content stays safe, and gets seen by as many people as possible.

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If you ever wake up to this… we’ve got your back

Content publishing drives your business, makes you money, and gets you the leads you need to succeed. But what if your content vanishes? How costly and time consuming is it for you to replatform yourself on other publishing and payment platforms?

How can you stay protected from being deplatformed?

This free guide provides the #1 solution… plus 3 hidden keys to fortifying your content.

Don’t let your voice be muzzled.

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From distribution to protection, ContentSafe has you covered

Content publishing drives your business, makes you money, and gets you the leads you need to succeed. But what if your content vanishes?

Replatforming yourself on publishing and payment platforms is ridiculously time consuming and can be quite costly. Your time and money is valuable. ContentSafe handles all the security and replatforming so you can focus on busting out new content and growing your audience.

Protect my Content

Place your content instantly on more platforms.

Get in front of a bigger audience.

Have all content backed up off site.

Insure against deplatforming.

Got taken down? We'll get you back up and running.

All this without ever needing to lift a finger.

What Our Customers are Saying

I was checking email this morning, and I opened an email from ContentSafe. I thought I had been catching fish off the rocks down at the ocean yesterday with my family, but apparently I was busy uploading and publishing my latest interviews to Bitchute. One can only do one thing with excellence, at any given time. Thank you ContentSafe for facilitating my distribution with excellence, so I could have quality time with my #1 priority in life. It's not just a service, it's a game changer.

Richard Grove

The Challenges for Content Producers

To deplatform someone is to remove their access to a channel that is delivering their messages to an audience. More than banning a user or discontinuing service, deplatforming can also involve the removal of any existing content. This denial of content is an even bigger disaster because it hits your wallet hard by having your payment platform refuse to do business with you.

You might be thinking things like:

“It won't happen to me, right?”
“I'm too little, I'm not on anyone's radar.”
“I'm big and successful, the platforms I use like my money.”
“I don't say anything risky, why would any of my platforms stop doing business with someone like me?”

Guess again… If it happened to these guys, it can certainly happen to you.

Protect my Content

Examples of Deplatformed Publishers

Here are a few real-life examples of deplatforming and the businesses which have had to deal with loss of income as a result of becoming isolated from their subscribers and clients:

Ricky Varandas
Interviews controversial personalities
Bootsy Greenwood
Anti-PC comedy
Lightstar Creations
Videos taken down regularly
Tackles challenging topics

Are you at risk of being deplatformed?

With the new, broadened banning rules, one awkward phrase may cause your channel to be suspended, shadowbanned, or even deleted. It’s your greatest responsibility to protect your life’s work and broadcast it to as many people as possible.

You’ve already gotten so far on the journey of disseminating important information. Most people never get off the couch and their broadcasts never leave their dreams. You are out there, doing it. Isn’t it time to take the steps necessary to preserve your work?

Protect your work from:

Being banned or shadowbanned: broadcast on more platforms with just one click.
Storage system failure: your backup can fail at any time or be lost in a disaster.
Being heard by the same 6 people: we broadcast your work on independent platforms.
Having to do it all yourself: you can upload once and we will do the rest.

Your content gets published on multiple platforms at once, getting more eyes and ears on your work and helping you reach a bigger share of the market - without you spending hours uploading to each site.

Protect my Content

How We Support You

Step 1

Sign up for ContentSafe and select additional platforms where you would like to publish your content. Connect your usual platform to ContentSafe (instructions are provided).

Step 2

Publish your video or audio content to your usual platform (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) or simply send your video files to ContentSafe directly and we’ll upload it for you!

Step 3

ContentSafe will take over from there. We will copy your work from your usual platform, store it in our content vault, and upload it to your preselected additional platforms.

Your work is important.

Don’t let censorship (or lack of time) stop you from getting your content out to the world.

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