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Packaged Services

The following packaged services are being offered at a substantial discount to the first 50 people who sign up with us before September 1, 2020. Sign up now to get a killer deal you won’t see again!




Monthly Bandwidth & Storage 50GB 150GB 300GB
Content Publishing & Distribution 5 channels
2× / week
5 channels
1× / day
10 channels
1× / day
Replatforming Services Plan
Resubscription Alerts
Interference Alerts
Shadowban Testing
$47 / month
$97 / month
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You provide ContentSafe with the needed API keys and credentials to allow us to publish your content where you want it to go.

Starter Plan

Perfect if you publish twice a week, and want to have your work published on 5 channels of your choice.

Advanced Plan

Do you make content every day? With the Advanced Plan, you upload to your usual platform once, and every day your content gets published to 5 other channels that you select. Additionally, you get top tier publishing security and deplatforming action plans. This protects your content from censorship and keeps your message flowing to your audience.

Fortress Plan

Daily publishing on up to 10 channels, and ultimate protection from censorship. If you ever get a video or a whole channel removed from YouTube, iTunes, or most other private platforms, we will be ready to get your content or an alternate channel back up and running. This includes regular monitoring of your channels to look for censorship or interruptions, as well as shadowban testing to ensure your content is showing up in search results. We can keep your content safely stored for as long as you want.

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ContentSafe is happy to make custom plans to suit your content-driven business, and we make it really easy for you to spread your message and boost your numbers. Schedule Your 30-Minute FREE Strategy Session to get the ball rolling.

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A la Carte Platform Services

We offer many alternative options that can be added to your packaged subscription.

  • Domain & Hosting
  • Email Marketing
  • Publishing and Payment Platforms
  • Off-line Storage Options

A la carte pricing is determined by the amount of data being stored or uploaded.

To get started, schedule your free Strategy Session so we can help you find the best plan to fit your needs.

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